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Students want to know everything, and our service is ready to uncover the knowledge! Read what your colleagues ask most often about our educational assistance website. We understand your pains and have organized the Frequently Asked Questions list. Understand who we are and why you should cooperate with one of the most reliable essay writing services!

1) Do your writing specialists speak good English?

Yes, we only hire writers who speak English well enough to provide well-written projects and productive cooperation.

2) Are there any additional fees?

No, just the fixed price for your order.

3) Do I get to communicate with my expert directly?

Yes, you can do it using the message form in your personal account. 

4) Who owns the intellectual property rights?

Full copyright in any order sample or other materials we deliver to our students is retained by us or our partners and affiliates.

5) Where is your team located?

Most of our support team are located in Eastern Europe. Our freelance writers are from English-speaking and non-English speaking areas, so if you want to clarify more in detail, you can send this question in chat during the cooperation process. 

6) Can I get a refund if the writer doesn’t meet my expectations?

Our experts have a 9.6 cooperation success score out of 10, delivering perfect order samples until the deadline. And while our customers are not satisfied with their projects, we will consider the situation, and if right, will provide partial or complete money back.

7) Can I delete my account?

Yes, you can do it anytime you like. Still, remember, once you delete it, the history of all orders will be erased. 

8) How long does it take to start the order?

It depends on your requirements and the project’s complexity. On average, it takes several hours until you get a list of bids and confirm the writer for your order.

9) How does cooperation progress on your website? 

To place an order and get a finished project sample, you need to pass several stages:

  •  Fill in the order form with details;
  •  Choose an expert from bids;
  •  Track the writing process;
  •  Accept the order and get an editable file. 

10) Is your service expensive?

No, our service maintains a balance between price and quality, so you get a well-written essay sample for the most affordable cost. 

11) Is using your service confidential?

Yes, our service sticks to the strictest privacy principles and cares for your safety on our website. We are highly interested in your comfort so that you will return for other exceptional studying projects. 

12) Will my essay be written originally?

Yes, our experts make unique content, even for the most common topics. Your writer will write your essay using recommended sources such as books, articles, and documents to cite based on formatting style guidelines. Your essay will not be considered plagiarized. 

13) Can I choose an expert for my project?

Yes, you can find the best matching writer for your essay based on your custom requirements. Every writer has their own background, price per page for a written sample, and rating from customers. They can send you bids if it suits their writing experience. 

14) What essay formats do you work on?

Our writers are acknowledged in the most used academic formats such as APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard. Meanwhile, if you are assigned to write your essay in another applicable format, mention it when filling in the order form in your order requirements. Otherwise, if you order a personal statement or calculus equation to solve, you can choose the “Non-applicable format” option. 

15) Can I send additional materials to my expert to complete my essay in the best way? 

Yes, you can do it while placing an order or during the writing process. It can be any link or document with visual or text material, so your writer can better understand what you want to describe in your project. 

16) Can I restore my password?

Yes, if you forgot your password or can’t enter your account for other reasons, you can easily change your password on the website’s login page. 

17) How much does it cost to place an order on your service? 

It is free. You will pay only when you describe us the requirements and all cooperation details are clear to both sides. 

18) When will my essay be ready? 

You will get your project sample based on what deadline you set for your order. 

19) How fast can you cope with urgent orders? 

The time estimated for each order depends on the number of pages and the project’s complexity. Still, the shortest deadline for an urgent order is up to four hours if it is a one-page essay. 

20) Can I order a short essay of less than one page? 

Yes, but you still need to pay the total price for one full academic page. 

21) Can I change the order requirements? 

Yes, you can change the requirements, but consider that it will take time to receive new bids, and you can choose another expert for your essay. Otherwise, if you’ve already chosen an expert for your order, you can’t change the details.

22) I don’t like my essay. What can I do?

On our service, you can ask for free revisions an unlimited number of times. Check your essay content while previewing the document sent from your writer, and if it has some flaws, message your writer about possible improvements without delays.

23) What is a plagiarism checking tool?

This is a free feature that every customer has access to on our website. Check your content and make sure it doesn’t contain any copied content. 

24) Will you use my essay sample for further orders?

No, we don’t do this with any project sample written for our customers. All our experts prepare drafts from scratch and never use other students’ works to copy to a new essay. 

25) Is it safe to recommend your service to my friend who needs help with an essay? 

Yes, you can tell your friends about our service to reduce their studying pains. Still, we want to remind you that our service is totally confidential, so your friends can be sure that no one will torment them whether they use our service or not. We don’t ask for a personal name, address, or school name. 

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